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Raspberry clips

Local Free Range Eggs - usually Large and Very Large available.

Honey is available in 225g and 450g jars. We usually have both set and runny in stock. If we can get any Honey in the Comb it will be Mid to Late Summer.

Fresh Roddas Cream is delivered twice a week. Clotted is in 56g, 113g and 225g tubs. Double and single in 125g and 250g pots. Larger sizes can usually be supplied with a couple of days notice.

As well as the fruit and veg we can supply a very useful plastic clip for securing any plant stems to a supporting wire. They were originally developed for use on vines, but they are very useful for securing raspberries to the supporting wires.
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This one has 3 different securing points to accommodate different stem diameters.

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There are other types which we can supply if there is demand for them.
Please contact us by clicking on one of the pictures for prices and delivery etc.

Replacement springs for a Dosatron DSA35 Part No. M 109

I have had a batch of springs made to fit the Dosatron DSA 35 fertiliser injector - Part number M109. The suppliers did not have any more stock, so i have got a good supply if anyone needs any.