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As well as selling the fruit during the summer season, we also supply a range of Yoga Equipment all year round. Call in during normal opening times during the summer, or ring throughout the winter to arrange a convenient time to come and view or buy.

Everything we stock is of excellent quality and high durability. Phone to get a price for whatever you require.

4.5mm thick - The most popular ones we sell Blue or Purple 182cm x 60cm - Standard - 20 each
200cm x 60cm - Extra Long - 20 each
4mm Thick Aqua and Pastel Blue, Purple or Pink 183cm x 61cm - Slightly cheaper at 16 each
Support Blocks
Dense Foam Blocks Various 30cm x 20cm x 5cm - 4.00 each
Lightweight Foam Blocks Blue or Purple 30cm x 20cm x 5cm - 4.50 each
Lightweight Foam Bricks Purple 220mm x 110mm x 70mm - 5.50 each
Wooden Brick Natural 225mm x 115mm x 70mm - 6.00 each
Wooden Wedge Natural 160mm x 115mm x 50mm - 6.00 each
Standard Natural Cotton 200cm long, 25mm wide - 4.00 each
Luxury Natural Cotton 230cm long, 32mm wide - 6.50 each
Chairs Blue or Silver Specially made yoga chair; folds flat for storage, non-marking feet, seat height 41cm - 37.50 each
Bolsters Blue, Purple or Burgundy Size: 23cm x 61cm. Weight: 3.9Kg - 32.50 each

All prices are for collection from our shop in Carnon Downs.
We also supply a range of smaller accessories including Sandbags, Eye Pillows and Bolsters.

We can supply most items from the Yogamad and Yogamatters websites. We are usually able to match or beat the online prices and there is no delivery charge if you are able to collect from our shop.